Everyday moments…

DSC_0079Very Messy Jello-popsDSC_0211Silly BoysDSC_0178Ethan’s Puppet ShowDSC_0160Grant and Luke! DSC_0151 Breakfast-time! DSC_0154 After Breakfast Craft time

On Monday, Brent and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. Brent always does such a great job making things so special. This year, imparticulary, the card he gave me was so touching and poignant, I just had to share. It reads, “Someday, many years from now, we’ll look back on this crazy time in our life together and wonder how we did it all…and then, those ordinary moments what we often take for granted will shimmer like stars as we recount them….I’ll sit close to you, you’ll take my hand in yours. We’ll look at each other and say: ‘I’d do it all again….and I wouldn’t change a thing.'” Ahh. Love you Brent. After I read this I had an overwhelming sense of helplessness. Helpless that I can not stop time; helpless because my boys are getting too big too fast and I can’t take it all in; helpless because my memory is limited with storage space. I want to remember it all. I want to fully live every moment. My prayer for myself and and my family today is that we would live the “everyday moments” fully with joy and an understanding that it is fleeting. I pray that we would not be so overwhelmed by the frustrations, noise and busyness that we miss out on the now. Thank you Lord for those messy heads, kicky feet, sticky hands, chocolate mouths. Thank you for Ethan’s morning sprint to give me his first hug, Luke’s precious sounds in the monitor when he wakes, and Grant’s relentless desire to play fight with his Light Saber. Thank you for the theme music to Elmo’s World, the smell of waffles in the toaster and loud rides in the van everywhere we go. Thank you for those chubby little fingers overlapping and overzealous squinting eyes during prayer. I love my life. God, your grace is so sufficient for me. I love you Lord. I am so thankful for the ordinary, everyday moments.


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    Erin said,

    I love seeing these boys!!! Give them a big hug for me!

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