Family Update

Just a quick update! Thanks to all who viewed Brent’s Birthday blog tribute. Brent you are so loved!! This picture was taken the night of his birthday outing! We went out to one of out FAV resturaunts, The Pizza Kitchen. Ahh, I heart the Pizza Kitchen. FYI – Monday and Tuesday nights are family nights. Kids eat free and all small cheese pizzas are 99cents. Side salad and a cheap pizza – BAM dinner! Anyway, after that we went to a fun little Irish pub in Turkey Creek and watched a super fun band play for an hour or so. THEN we went to Sonic for a Snickers Sonic blast. It was extra super-duper yummy seeing as how Brent has been eating so healthy and really watching his intake. We splurged! We had such a great time together. I just want to give a big shout OUT to our sweet friend/babysitter Jackie Newman. Girlfriend knows how to serve others. Talk about being awesome with my kids, in love with the Lord and ultra others-centered. Jackie, I love you and learn so much from your servant’s heart. Brent, thanks for a fun date night! Blessings…..


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